After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen to Anyone Who Rides

One minute you’re on the road feeling the wind in your face, and next you’re living a nightmare on the ground feeling traffic speed by—a motorcycle accident or collision can happen in an instant. You’re likely going to experience shock, and there’s a high chance that you’re injured and that your bike is damaged.

You may have done everything you can to keep the odds on your side, such as wearing protective gear, receiving your motorcycle endorsement, and maybe even completing motorcycle training school. Motorcycle accidents can happen to even the most seasoned and experienced riders.

According to Insurance Institute for National Highway Safety, motorcycle fatalities accounted for 13 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in the United States for 2015, with more than 4,600 fatalities as a result of motorcycle crashes. When a motorcycle accident does occur, there is a reported 80 percent chance of injury or death on a motorcycle in comparison to about 20 percent for passenger motor vehicles.

At the Scene of a Motorcycle Accident

The moments following your motorcycle accident are critical. The first thing you must do is stay calm and carefully assess the situation. Make sure that you are not in immediate danger from other motorists, traffic, gasoline, or downed wires, etc. Get yourself to a safe place as soon as possible. If you can’t move, don’t let anyone move you until the first responders arrive, unless you are in immediate danger.

Leave your bike in its position until the police arrive. Take photos—as many as you can get. If there are witnesses, don’t assume they’ll still be there when the police arrive. Immediately take down their information. Don’t leave the accident scene until after the police have arrived. Make sure motors are turned off and that no one is smoking. If you can, mark the accident scene with flares.

What happened leading up to the moment of the accident can be complicated, and until all of the information is examined, no one can come to any conclusions about who was at fault. Remember, each driver only experienced the accident from their point-of-view, and there may be more factors involved than you witnessed. Report what you experienced to the police and to your insurance agent, but do not tell anyone that it was your fault until all the information has been evaluated after the wreck.

Receive Proper Medical Attention
Call your medical provider immediately. Don’t make any assumptions about your motorcycle accident injuries, even if you think you’re uninjured or if you believe your injuries are minor. You really can’t know the full extent of your injuries unless you’re examined by a medical professional. If you experience health complications from the motorcycle accident down the road, you could complicate your case by not having had a proper medical examination right after the accident.

File a Police Report
Make notes about everything you remember about the accident as soon as you’re able. This includes damage to both vehicles, witness information—everything you remember. You’re required to file an accident report to law enforcement authorities within four days, unless the police investigate your motorcycle accident. Contact your local law enforcement agency or the Washington State Patrol for an accident report form.

Contact a Washington Motorcycle Accident Attorney
After you make sure your health and wellbeing are in order, contact a trusted and experienced motorcycle accident attorney at Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys. We’ll help you navigate and plan for injury, lost wages, and other damages. With our team on your side, you never ride alone.

10 Steps after a Washington Motorcycle Accident

  1. Make yourself safe.
  2.  Make the area safe.
  3. Keep the bike where it is until the police arrive.
  4. Get the names and numbers of witnesses.
  5. Take a lot of photos.
  6. No matter what you think your injuries are, call your medical provider immediately.
  7. Make notes about the accident as soon as possible.
  8. Don’t tell anyone it was your fault.
  9. File an accident report.
  10. Call Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys immediately at 253-472-6000 or our toll-free line: 800-992-9529.